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Blair, that 8767 s great! Hopefully these results will stick around, or at the very least let you maintain some level of confidence and enjoyment. Best wishes, and thanks for reading and sharing your experience!

History of ironing and irons - flat-irons, sad-irons, mangles

Max, thanks for commenting and I definitely agree with your experience. I think Bryson DeChambeau would agree to, as he has been playing brilliant golf with a one-length set of irons. My set of irons, including wedges has only two total lengths, and I 8767 ve been very happy with them that way. While a 6/7-inch change in length does not translate to a very big shift in swing plane, going through a set of iron can mean close to 9 8798 and 9-degrees of change in lie angle. This simply cannot make life easier for most golfers. Thanks again, and best wishes!

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THANK YOU for the kind words and for the support over the years. That 8767 s really nice to know that you have been so interested in golf club technology. And yes, I still like HOT DOGS !!!!!!

Cast heads vs forged : Okay, this is much more of a reminder. Most brands have well thought out and designed iron sets targeted at each consumer bracket. Forged club heads are usually expensive and focused more towards the expert golfer. Cast heads are mass produced and hence cheaper. They also allow manufacturers to integrate newer design elements that make these clubs more forgiving and accessible to the average golfer. So most of the game improvement sets that you encounter in shops and online will fall largely into the cast hybrid heads category.

I love the tongue in cheek reference you offered for the intellectual encounters you can have with your customers!!! Heh Heh! In other words, it falls into that category of people my father advised me to watch out for the ones who don 8767 t want to be confused with the facts because their minds are already made up. 8776

Richard, there 8767 s actually at least one company out there making one-length clubs, as you might know. What I 8767 ve found is that loft and centered-contact generally have more to do with distance than the length of the club, at least if the clubs are anywhere near the same length. I think the bigger advantage of having same-length clubs would actually be having all clubs with the same lie angle meaning each club could be swung in the same plane. Same setup, same plane, consistent results seems a lot easier than 69 different setups and planes! Thanks for the question!

Modern irons have become better and better at looking after clothes and new features like automatic switch off have made ironing safer. One temperature irons have no temperature settings – smart technology detects fabrics and will automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. This is ideal for those who lack confidence in their ironing ability. Some iron brands even guarantee no burns.

I still think of this a lot. I have changed clubs since last time about a year ago. I was told by a fitter from Ping (don´t know what skills he got) that I should go with std lie and that this would change my swing to the better by myself. Well, it had worked so to speak that im not strike the ball worse, maybe a little better. But not perfect! 😉

I am not sure which news is better the fact that you love the 565 8767 s and they complete your set, or that you have been working with Keith for your fitting needs !! Think of it this way... in creating the designs, I am the farmer who makes the best crops he can. Keith is the Michelin 5-star chef that makes what I contribute really work for the golfer. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and the VERY best to you in this great game,

You are most welcome John. I learned a lot reading your posts on this website, and it 8767 s my pleasure to be able to help others with what I 8767 ve learned over the years. Have a nice weekend

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