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Star Trek: Renaissance, the Archival Edition - st

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 14:00

The original website that hosted Renaissance went offline, but I had an archive of every episode and a lot of background material from the show backed up on my computer. I decided to share this archive of the series for visitors to discover, or even re discover. Follow the adventures, conflicts, triumphs and defeats of the crew of the USS Enterprise , NCC-6756-G.

Renaissance ’s publication run was rocky, at best, but I’m still very proud to have contributed to the project. Although we were amateurs, we managed to publish 76 episodes in full teleplay format and quality. We developed an original and unique cast of characters that carried the flame of Star Trek ’s spirit in their own controversial ways. Writing of the series came to a halt in 7559, but the story lives on!

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