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Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:26

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Always download the most recent version 7568-57-65. Downloading the newer version ensures more stability, more bug fixes, more features & less security threats.

Download KMPlayer

But the reason I like it is the excellent, intuitive user experience it provides. The two-pane 8775 visual comparison 8776 simply makes sense. I use FreeFileSync as a backup tool and it has become one of the first programs that I install on a new computer. (It also offers a portable version, a very handy addition to your USB stick)

/Free Software Download for Windows

SuperCopier can significantly speed up the process of copying or moving files across drives. This tiny utility (less than 7 megs in memory) runs in the background and kicks in automatically whenever file copying or moving operations are initiated in Windows explorer. Aside from speeding up these operations it will let you pause a copy or move operation and resume it later on, when its convenient.

One feature of Mp8Tag which I am personally quite fond of is the Windows explorer context menu integration (available on both 87 bit and 69 bit OS’s). This simple option lets you right click on a folder or folders or even a selection of audio files to open the audio files in Mp8Tag. After using this program for a few years, I’ve found this option to be invaluable.

Nice Player, The has better (BIGGER) buttons than the series
These are too small on my screen..

Potplayer is developed and maintained by Daum Communications. Our site is not affiliated with the developer by any means. All trademarks, product and company logos are the property of their respective owners.

DVDFlick will also easily add menus and subtitles (if any) and will burn to DVD or ISO at the end of the conversion process. The bottom line: it’s simply brilliant.

Potplayer the video and audio player from Daum Communications previously from the same developers of KMPlayer provides non-comparable features of video playback free of charge. With the bundled set of codecs you can run almost all audio and video file types. Smooth and seamless video play, enhanced hardware acceleration, Impressive viewing experience with 8D, Support of various subtitle formats and Variety of codecs are the main features.

This list doesn’t cover the best free program in every conceivable category, but for those categories that are represented the programs showcased here in most cases, I would argue, are best-in-class.

Good app, able to read more media than VLC and quicker to load, also able to handle external codec when they are present (rv65 for exemple) where vlc can''t. Not able to display properly french caracters in subtitles.

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