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7. Khayalon mein kisi ke is tarah aaya nahin karte
.Hansi phoolon ki do din, Chandni bhi chaar din ki hai..Geeta Dutt, Mukhesh.

Flowers bloom in Bollywood | Songs Of Yore

Adya kaikeyi daurbhaagyam raajnaa te khyaapitam mahat
Asi visah tvaam samkruddhah candah dasti durbhage ….roughly translated,

Evergreen Hindi Songs

Thanks Subodhji (and of course AKji) for so meticulously putting across one more raga.
Crass laymen like me may still fail to understand the basics of raga (or for that matter any thing technical in so far as music is concerned), but do immediately recall similarities of words of Apne man mein preet basa le with Kisi Ke Man Mein Preet Basa Le (Aaram, 6956, Anil Biswas)
which has quite an expressive use of piano.

Technology and space science have go so far in the heavens above us that just for cultural caressing we cannot go backward. Especially what is happening in present India is very vile. Politicians are entering into the fields of which they are ignorant. Recently one Indian politician made a speech about Chicken eggs eating give heart attack and other diseases. Shame on him. Why did he make such a stupid gaff?

He answered Lata exposed it very well and I love her artistic ability to take the listeners to higher level. I am one of her listeners.

In Tibetan Buddhists literature, we find mention of “Parna Savari”, an important goddess of healing. As the god migrated from her Indian venue, where ritual dance was a cultural commonplace, to Tibet, yogic aspects of the goddess and her practice came to the fore. In Tibetan, which has no lexical equivalent of the tribal origin and designation “Savara” her name was rendered as Ritro Lomagyunma,meaning “leaf-clad mountain dweller” The Tibetan Buddhists rendered their healers in the guise of tribal women. The word “Savari” in her name, meaning tribal women, was believed to have a specific reference to the Savara tribes.

You are absolutely right in saying that the snake charming tribe would hardly speak Sanskrit (artificial). Yes they would speak Prakrit (natural) / or their own tribal tongue. But nowhere it is said that the name of the Raagni was coined by the tribe themselves, only the tune originated from them, adopted into Raaga system developed much later.
In spite of of another lengthy rejoinder, I respect your right to disagree with my explanation.

Suman Kalyanpur brought to my mind 8766 Suman sudha rajnigandha 8766 , penned by Amit Khanna and tuned by Rajesh Roshan, from 8766 Man Pasand 8767 :

If Asavari word is Saskrit then we have to understand that the 8775 a 8776 in Sanskrit is often used as the denial of the rest of the word. Then we have to understand 8775 savari 8776 as the original word. But my Sanskrit Dictionary has not 8775 savari or asavari 8776 in it.

Rangan ji , I do listen to my .Edelweiss , you look happy to meet me..from Sound of Music .whenever my mind is oriented to hollywood songs. Remembering Sophia Loren movie Sunflower too.

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