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Video shows pigs being abused at Fir Tree pig farm in

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As the war of Panem escalates to the destruction of other districts, Katniss Everdeen, the reluctant leader of the rebellion, must bring together an army against President Snow, while all she holds dear hangs in the balance.

There are several spots here where the natural heat under the earth has warmed up some of the pools and you can bathe in the hot waters.

After having escaped the Maze, the Gladers now face a new set of challenges on the open roads of a desolate landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles.

Lisbeth is recovering in a hospital and awaiting trial for three murders when she is released. Mikael must prove her innocence, but Lisbeth must be willing to share the details of her sordid experiences with the court.

The tree, measuring 5cm, was discovered by Russian doctors when they opened up Artyom Sidorkin, 78, to remove what they thought was a tumour.

Signature points to look out for here include the Öxará River which falls off the side of one of the plates leading to an epic series of waterfalls and the Drekkingarhylur Pool.

It dominates the skyline of Reykjavik, although it also offers its own amazing views over the city if you climb to the summit.

Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side.

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